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The Software

Making Data Work for you

Eclipse Miningware is a production tracking and reporting system for your mines supported by a software team that has a deep understanding of mining operations from years of experience.

Our philosophy is built around saving you time and effort whilst providing you with accurate, consistent and useful reporting which can drive improvements in production and cost reduction, as well as help shape better strategic decision making.

The core modules are tried and tested and can then be tailored to the specific requirements of each mine. The five phases are:

  • Preparation
  • Implementation
  • Customization
  • Training
  • Analysis

Thereafter we will work with you to monitor the systems and check that new staff are using it correctly, add and modify the functionality as the mine develops and your tracking needs change, train new staff as necessary and work with you to get the best value out of the installation.

About Us

Eclipse Miningware has been created by a dedicated team of software engineers who have been working together for over 15 years.

We specialise in large database collaboration tools that overcome the inherent weaknesses of spreadsheet management by creating coherent and professional data capture and reporting systems. Reliable and consistent results that have the capacity to transform the management of a business.

In addition to multiple mining installations, we have implemented systems for managing the documentation of large constructions projects; documenting over £1.5bn of projects for some of the most prestigious and demanding clients in the world, as well as major ecommerce systems

Having built all the software from scratch using standard Microsoft tools, we are able to make quick modifications to tailor everything to each customers’ needs, building on all the modules that have already been created in the past. The best of both worlds…

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Eclipse Miningware created by TheDevTeam, part of the Denaploy group of Companies